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Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
to improve the fate of our country so we will not become greece. no one is more worried about this nation's unsustainable debt situation than senator demint. i've seen him deinvolve over time to someone who could just not sit quietly, who had to take up the cause. in the 2010 election cycle, he was one of the strongest voices this he had would a lost our way -- that we'd lost our way in washington. jim is a kind, sincere man, an individual who is a joy to be around. when it comes to what's going on in america, jim understands that if we don't make some changes we're going to lose our way of life. that's what's driven him above all else, to try to keep our country a place to be place where you can be anything. i look forward to working with jim in the private sector. from a personal point of view, we've had a great ride together. it has been fun. it has been challenging, and i think we put south carolina on the map in different ways at different times, and to people back in south carolina, i hope if you get to see jim anytime soon, just say "thank you." because whether you agree wit
Dec 17, 2012 8:30pm EST
greece is from finland and europe is divided in different ways and has changed quite a lot. i would say there are a few elements though of a communist the communist past that you can see in post-communist countries. sometimes there is a paranoid elements and politics that comes from just a legacy of people being spied on and people having lived in an oppressive system. they are more paranoid about secret deals being done behind their backs. secret deals were done behind their backs and that is untenable and there is an anxiety about being less behind or left out by the west and seem to be inside the western hands. the memory that continues to play out but in truth these countries are more different from one another than they are similar. c-span: you chose three of eight countries behind the iron curtain? and what were the three? >> guest: i chose poland, hungary and east germany? c-span: why those three? >> guest: i chose them because they were different because they have horse -- different historical backgrounds and they had a different political and mostly because they have very diffe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2